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Treyarch gives first look at Nuketown in Black Ops 4 ahead of November 13 release

Published: 12/Nov/2018 18:22 Updated: 12/Nov/2018 18:23

by Wyatt Donigan


With the release of Nuketown just over a day away for Black Ops 4 players, we have finally got a clear look at what the map will look like.

As one of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history, it was no surprise that Treyarch would be including it in the latest iteration of Black Ops.

The developer had given hints that it would be set in Russia and would feature a winter theme complete with snow, but we hadn’t gotten an actual look at the map until now.

In a trailer posted to the official Call of Duty YouTube, we got our first official look at the map and now know exactly what to expect when it drops on November 13.


The tiny, claustrophobic map looks as hectic as ever with its brand-new Cold War setting. With the few Specialists showcased in the trailers, fans should expect the bodies to fly early and often while playing on this map. 

The trademark main pair of houses is back and look better than ever in this updated version of Nuketown. 

The map even looks to have some tricks up its sleeve with a secret passageway available to steer your RC-XDs through. Not only that, but it looks as though there might be a way to launch the nuclear missile from the center of the map.


Whatever secrets do end up coming with this new version of Nuketown, fans will only have to wait another day to discover them, with the map set to drop for PlayStation owners on November 13.