Treyarch Details how Characters will be Unlocked in Blackout

Treyarch developers David Vonderhaar and Dan Bunting gave new details on how characters will be unlocked in Black Ops 4’s all-new Blackout mode.

The information was in response to a fan question during a livestream from Treyarch Studios.

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There will be a variety of ways to unlock characters in Blackout, starting with a simple progression system.

Five characters will be available to unlock via standard progression, a level that increases based on eliminations and top placings.

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Other characters will have to be unlocked by a new system called Mission Unlocks, which Vonderhaar described.

“In order to start unlocking a [Mission Unlock] character, you need to find that characters major unlock item… Here’s an example; if you find the War Machine, the War Machine belongs to Battery. So you take the War Machine and you have to go out and eliminate players with the War Machine.”

The Mission Unlocks also require higher placings while holding the weapon. Not every character will require a weapon to unlock, some will require items in your inventory slot.

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Some players are used to figuring out extremely complicated steps to solve Easter Eggs in Black Ops Zombies and it seems they will have to complete similar objectives to get Zombie characters in Blackout.

Vondehaar did not give any details on how Zombie characters would be unlocked, but implied it would be harder.

Other characters will be extremely more involved than [Battery], the Zombies characters, like if you want Richtofen…

He shook his head and rubbed his fingers together while mentioning Richtofen.

The Blackout Beta begins Monday, September 10 on PS4. Black Ops 4 launches on October 12.

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