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CoD: Black Ops 4 Developer Vonderhaar’s Mysterious Coded Tweet Might be a Surprising Message About the Blackout Beta

Published: 30/Jul/2018 23:50 Updated: 31/Jul/2018 0:06

by Albert Petrosyan


David Vonderhaar, who is the lead developer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, has tweeted out another coded message about the upcoming title.

Often referred to as Treyarch’s unofficial Community Manager, Vonderhaar has made a habit of dropping hints about Black Ops 4 on social media, leaving it to the community to try and decipher his hidden messages.

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This latest tweet came on July 30, the same day that the trailer for the Mulitplayer and Blackout modes of Black Ops 4 was released.

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To the naked eye, the black and white shapes in his tweet may seem random and indecipherable, however community members on social media have taken up the task to try and extract a meaning from the code.


One user named ‘itsGerth,’ claims that the shapes are actually Morse Code that spell out a hidden message.

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However, a more popular theory has surfaced that the tweet could be hinting at a surprise, early release of the Blackout beta, which isn’t due to be released until September.

If the circles in the code represent the nights until the Multiplayer private beta starts on August 3, and the squares represent the three days that the beta will be live, then the middle square with the white center could potentially be the day that players can get an early taste of CoD’s new BR mode.