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Trading kills in a 1v1 on Black Ops 4 SnD leads to a weird and unexpected outcome

Published: 16/Oct/2018 18:36 Updated: 16/Oct/2018 18:39

by Albert Petrosyan


Still in its early days of release, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 title has its share of glitches and flaws, one of which involves 1v1 situations in the Search and Destroy mode.

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Generally in Call of Duty history, 1v1s in SnD can be intense, since the last surviving player from each team go head to head with a crucial round point at stake. 

However, an odd glitch in Black Ops 4 allows players in a 1v1 situation to trade each other, and thus giving each team an additional point to their round count.

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This oddity was on display in a 5v5 match that the new look OpTic Gaming roster was playing, with Team EnVy’s Huke filling in for Karma. 

With the round count sitting at 4-2 in favor of OpTic, TJHaLy and ‘OnyxWC’ traded each other in their 1v1, with the kill-feed showing the two having eliminated each other, after which the round count showed 5-3.

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On paper, even though both teams get a round, this scenario benefits the team that is ahead in the round count, since it brings that team closer to winning six rounds and claiming victory.


Even in the clip above, the excitement in the OpTic players’ voices can be easily heard, since TJ was in a 1v3 and the trade allowed them to salvage the round, even though the opposite team also earned a point. 

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Perhaps the most interesting scenario would be in a round 11, in which both teams would have won five rounds and thus, theoretically, this type of trade would get both teams to six rounds. 

As of now, it is not clear whether this is a glitch or something added to the game intentionally, although it would be unlikely for Treyarch to have altered SnD in such a fundamental way.