Top 5 most hype fan reactions in CoD Champs history!

Top 5 most hype fan reactions in CoD Champs history YouTube ThumbnailDexerto

When orgs show up to play at CoD Champs, they bring incredible fans along to cheer their favorite teams on to victory. From supporters of OpTic, FaZe, Denial and more, here are the top five fan reactions in CoD Champs history.

Each Call of Duty Championship showcases top-tier performances from the game’s best players, but these events would be nothing without the fans, who come out in droves to watch their chosen team win — or lose — on the big stage.

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From the insane reaction to Scump and Crimsix cementing OpTic in Call of Duty history, to the fans’ emotional explosion after Attach’s defuse for Denial against Revenge, the crowd has hyped up some incredible CoD Champs moments over the years — including our top five picks.

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