Top 10 FormaL Moments Before Black Ops 4

Matthew ‘FormaL‘ Piper is generally considered one of the best ARs in Call of Duty history, since he made the switch from Halo back in 2013. Here, we’ve compiled his 10 best plays before this year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. 

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FormaL is best known for his time on OpTic Gaming, from November 2014 to May 2018, which saw him win his CoD World Championship 2017, during the Infinite Warfare season. 

At the 2017 World Championships, FormaL won the MVP award for his incredible performances, as he used the NV4 to dominate all medium and long-ranged engagements he found himself in. 

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CharlieIntelThe OpTic roster is widely considered the best Call of Duty roster of all time.
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FormaL’s time on OpTic came to an end during the WW2 season, as he moved to Luminosity Gaming, where, at the time of writing, he still plays as a main AR. 

We’ve compiled a number of his best clips, mainly from his Advanced Warfare season and Infinite Warfare. As previously mentioned, he was known for his incredible NV4 dominance, but was no slouch with the KBS Longbow either, as a number of Infinite Warfare clips prove. 

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A number of the clips also come from CoD: Ghosts, reflecting Piper’s natural talent for Call of Duty, as it was the first game in which he went pro after transitioning from Halo. 

FormaL is known for his AR talents.

The remaining clips come from Advanced Warfare, the game in which FormaL ultimately made his name, as part of the OpTic Gaming roster that would dominate Call of Duty until the end of the Infinite Warfare season. 

With a long career still ahead of him, we’re certain there will be plenty more high level plays, with FormaL firmly considered one of, if not the best, first-person shooter console player of all time.

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