Call of Duty

Tommey set to team with UNILAD trio and international player for Black Ops 4 season

by Mike Kent


The pool play element at CWL Vegas will introduce a brand new organization’s name that will debut on Black Ops 4.


Team Reciprocity will be a familiar name if you’ve followed Halo at all, however for Call of Duty fans, this one may have caught you blindsided.

If rumors are to be believed, the North American based brand have jumped straight into the deep end with CoD and picked up a five-man roster consisting of four British players and one Australian.


Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren will head up the team and is reunited with former Fnatic teammate, Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall.

Wuskin has brought along with him Sean ‘Seany’ O’Connor and Zack ‘Zed’ Denyer, which means Reciprocity will make pool play as they feature three from UNILAD’s WWII Team.


Last but not least, former Mindfreak player Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor will travel from Australia to compete with the squad. There has been no word at this time whether they will be based out of Europe or North America.

Former Splyce manager Michael ‘Swizz’ Butterworth will manage the team after joining Reciprocity in mid-September.


At the time of writing this lineup is still very much a rumor, but is expected to be announced on October 1.

Team Reciprocity

  • Tommey
  • Wuskin
  • Zed
  • Seany
  • Denz (Aus)