Tier 4 of the CoD: WWII ‘Liberty Strike’ Community Challenge Completed – How to Claim Your Reward

The fourth tier of the Call of Duty: WWII Community Challenge has been completed with a new reward available for players.

Beginning on July 3, the ‘Liberty Strike’ Community Event aims to bring a sense of ‘National Pride’ to the title with a collection of new content such as weapons, outfits, and more over the course of its duration.

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While the Community Event includes a variety of different challenges, players have the opportunity to partake in the main ‘Community Challenge,’ which provides new rewards after players hit certain milestones.

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On July 20, the fourth tier of the Community Challenge was hit, and rewards players with the ‘Fez’ Special Helmet and one Zombie Consumable Supply Drop.

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In order to claim the reward, players must simply head to their ‘Mailbox’ in Headquarters before Liberty Strike concludes on July 24.

More information on the Community Challenge can be viewed below, with Tier Five able to be completed once players win 260 multiplayer matches.

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Call of Duty: WWII – Liberty Strike Community Challenge

Tier 1: ‘Canadian’ Calling Card and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 2: ‘British Flag’ Weapon Charm and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 3: ‘American II’ 1911 Weapon Variant and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 4: ‘Fez’ Special Helmet and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 5: ‘Independent II’ M1 Garand Weapon Variant and ‘Kitschig’ Zombies Weapon Camo