This viral Black Ops 4 rant may have provided the perfect solution to Ajax's shield in Black Ops 4 [Video] - Dexerto
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This viral Black Ops 4 rant may have provided the perfect solution to Ajax’s shield in Black Ops 4 [Video]

Published: 26/Oct/2018 15:41 Updated: 26/Oct/2018 15:43

by Ross Deason


A Twitter video from SoaR Gilli about 9-Bangs and the Ajax Specialist in Black Ops 4 has gone viral, and he may have thought of the perfect way to balance them while in the middle of his rant.

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Ajax is widely regarded as the most overpowered Specialist in the game at the moment thanks to the combination of his seemingly impenetrable Ballistic Shield and his incredibly powerful 9-Bang grenades that leave people blind and unable to move.

“Whoever invented the fucking specialist with the 9-Bang and a riot shield you can’t fucking shoot through,” Gilli said at the start of his hilarious video rant. “I don’t know who pissed you off in the last couple of years since Black Ops 3 where you decided that you now need to make this specialist, BUT IT NEEDS TO BE GONE!”


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“I’ve had enough of dying like this!” the streamer continued, putting his hand in front of his face to mimic the effects of being stunned. “You can’t tell me I can’t move my hand if I can’t see! My eyes are closed, I CAN STILL DEFEND MYSELF! Allow me to!”

However, in the midst of the shouting, the SoaR man also made a suggestion that just might make Ajax’s shield slightly less overpowered: “Allow me to shoot through the little fucking window. That’s all I’m asking!”

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Being able to shoot through the small gap in Ajax’s Ballistic Shield wouldn’t make him easy to counter, but would reward players that are skillful enough to hit the shot.


Gilli did make it clear that he’s a fan of the game on the whole, stating: “There’s a lot of good about Black Ops 4, not going to deny that.”

However, his annoyance with Ajax and the 9-Bang seems to be mirrored by the community at large.

With so many players suggesting fixes or changes to the Specialist, don’t be surprised to see some of them implemented in the next major Black Ops 4 patch.