Theory takes shots at former teammates in update on his CoD pro future

Pittsburgh Knights

Call of Duty began the Black Ops 4 season with CWL Las Vegas on December 7 and gave Pittsburgh Knights fans a look at how their team fared against the rest of the competition, but lackluster results have encouraged early changes in the squad.

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The Pittsburgh Knights are a new organization who have fielded teams for multiple titles since their creation, but their poor results in the first event for the 2019 CoD season could have had implications within the org.

In a tweet, Dylan ‘Theory’ McGee announced he was no longer a part of the Knights’ banner and will move on to the next step of his esports career while hinting towards possible strife between him and his former teammates.

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Theory had been a part of the Knights for no more than two months when he came over from the Lightning Pandas, but that might have been enough time to hold contempt over some people he’s met along the way.

“Also officially no longer associated with [the Pittsburg Knights], best of luck to them… Looking forward to the future and purging the toxic people from my life,” he said.

Although no clarification was made on what he meant, he followed up the message with an update regarding his health and player status.

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“Due to certain medical conditions I’m not sure if I’ll be playing again,” he said. “Not gonna close that chapter of my life completely and say I’m retiring as I don’t know what the future holds…”

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Now looking to move into more managerial roles, Theory will look to promptly enter a new org in any capacity before Pro League Qualifier in January 2019.