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‘The Frozen Dawn’ Nazi Zombies Map Announced by Sledgehammer for an Upcoming ‘Shadow War’ CoD: WWII DLC

Published: 17/Aug/2018 18:55 Updated: 17/Aug/2018 19:05

by DG Goldstein


Call of Duty: WWII will be receiving a brand-new Nazi Zombies experience in an upcoming DLC pack.

On August 17, the Activision Community Blog announced that ‘The Frozen Dawn’ will be the name of the upcoming Nazi Zombies map in CoD: WWII.

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The DLC pack will be named ‘Shadow War,’ and will be the fourth release by the studio since the launch of CoD: WWII in November of 2017.

A brief rundown of the map was provided in the blog post which mentions the new Zombies map will take place in the ‘Lost City of Thule’ – an underground maze.


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The full map overview can be found below.

“Their Zeppelin crashed, and now they’ve found themselves isolated in Antarctica amid the burning wreckage of their airship. To defeat the Undead evil overcoming the world in waves, they must confront it at the source and descend into the Lost City of Thule – an underworld maze filled with frozen subterranean tunnels and candlelit chambers. This is Call of Duty®: WWII DLC Pack 4 – Shadow War’s latest and final Nazi Zombies mission, ‘The Frozen Dawn.’

As Olivia and co. wind deeper underground – further from General Rideau, their Allies, and the forgiving light of day – they battle endless Undead, uncover well-concealed Easter Eggs and become acquainted with the most maddening, twisted, multi-leveled Nazi Zombies map ever.

But – there’s small relief. As the ‘Frozen Dawn’ will take an extra measure of grit and dedication to beat, General Rideau’s provided a slew of new Weapon Upgrades and Consumables to give you and your team the upper hand. Read on to see what’s new – then lock and load for the tense conclusion to this Undead saga.”

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Frozen Dawn will also feature a new ‘Void Sizzler’ enemy that will attack other zombies before going after players.

The ‘Void Sizzler.’ This multi-spiked enemy attacks other Zombies before attacking you, because every normal Nazi Zombie he eliminates makes him stronger.