Terrifying Warzone glitch sends trucks flying with no way to stop them

Infinity Ward

Trucks might be the most terrifying thing in Warzone moving forward as a ridiculous glitch is lifting them off the ground and launching them towards players.

While more than 30 million players around the world get accustomed to the latest battle royale craze, a number of amusing glitches and frustrating features have been holding the experience back for some fans.

Adding onto the list of gameplay elements in need of an urgent fix, trucks are now able to soar through the sky as a result of a newly discovered bug.

Infinity Ward
Warzone features a wide array of vehicles though trucks could top the pack due to this new glitch.

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Late into a round of solo action on March 24, Reddit user ‘YouTube_oRemyy’ already had three eliminations to their name and had made it through to the final third of the lobby.

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With a stacked loadout of weapons and equipment, all appeared to be going well for the player until an aggressive truck pulled up nearby.

Rather than getting out and fighting mano-a-mano, the truck driver stayed put behind the wheel and tried their hardest to get a splatter for their efforts. 

Duking the driver left and right, the player on-foot was able to evade most attempts until the truck glitched and set out on a completely unpredictable course.

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Quite literally caught between a rock and a hard place, the truck found itself wedged between a tree and some nearby rocks.

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Reversing in an attempt to un-stick themselves, the truck began magically levitating and climbing its way up the tree instead.

Flipping out and spinning sideways at the apex of its glitchy climb, the truck seemingly magnetized to the player as it locked on and flew directly on top of them. Crushing the player on-foot and leaving a pile of loot in their wake.

Infinity Ward
Not only can players shoot out the back of trucks, but now they can apparently fly too.

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With absolutely no time to react, there was nothing the player could have done to avoid being crushed in the moment.

There’s no telling exactly how this bug came to pass, but given the criticism already thrown at Warzone’s vehicles early into its release, this could serve as another nail in the coffin.

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