“Terrible” Warzone 2 bundle splits community as players argue value of reskins

warzone 2 bundleActivision

Warzone 2 players argued amongst themselves over Activision’s recent practice of selling reskins for new bundles, with many in the community calling out the devs in a heated debate.

Reskins are a fairly common practice in the gaming industry, where the developers create a different color palette for a preexisting cosmetic. But this practice created anger in the Warzone 2 community, as players expressed their frustrations surrounding the practice and voiced their desire for novel and innovative bundles instead.

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Others, however, defended Activision, resulting in a rather heated debate in the comment section of the Warzone subreddit — an admittedly common occurrence on the platform.

The original post stated “this new bundle cost 2400 CP for a recolor operator skin. Really miss the time when WZ1 [had] some unique skins. This new bundle is just terrible.”

Another Redditor attacked the poster, stating “then don’t f**king buy it. You nerds just look for anything to b**ch about now.”

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This is the most upvoted comment on this post, serving as good precedent to the rest of the conversations.

“No seriously the quality of bundles is so damn bad. There has not been a single good tracer blueprint yet that even matches the quality of [Modern Warfare 2019, Cold War, or Vanguard]” a player added, defending the original posters’ sentiments.

“Then don’t buy them. Holy s**t when you walk down the aisle at the grocery store do you complain about how bad all the stuff you aren’t buying is too?” another member of the community responded, retaliating and adding more firewood to the already blazing fire.

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“Dude the bundles are a*s compared to wz1. They should know we think it’s a*s.”

The post has now become a place for players to argue with one another, where they debate the same points over and over with profanity sprinkled throughout.