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Surprising SnD stats from CDL prove which pro team is the most clutch

Published: 26/May/2020 16:34

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League has crossed the halfway mark of the first season, and we’ve seen some teams flourish while others look to be crumbling before our very eyes. But when it comes to a team’s clutch factor in Search and Destroy, the standings look a little different.

At the time of writing, Chicago Huntsmen top the CDL Standings following their second Home Series win, closely followed by Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire.

As such, you would think these teams are the most clutch in Search and Destroy, able to pull out the win when it’s most necessary… but the stats say otherwise.

Call of Duty League
Chicago Huntsmen have two event wins under their belt, but are they more clutch than the rest of the competition?

Search and Destroy has been a staple Call of Duty mode for years, and some of the most iconic plays in the history of the franchise come from a player or team’s ability to perform when a match hits its peak intensity.

New stats suggest that, while teams such as Chicago and Dallas are adept at Search and Destroy, they might not actually be the most clutch team in the game.

Posting to Reddit, Dxngles compiled statistics for every team in the Call of Duty League, ranking them by their win percentage in Round 11 – the final, decisive round of Search and Destroy games, when tied 5-5.

Every team has played several Search and Destroy round 11s thus far, and the team that tops the round 11 win percentage leaderboard is actually the New York Subliners, who have won each of the five round 11s they’ve played so far.

Following them are Chicago and Atlanta, at 83.33% and 80% respectively. Meanwhile, two-time winners Dallas Empire actually find themselves in 11th place winning just 20% of their SnD round 11s.

Reddit: Dxngles
New York top the round 11 leaderboards, while teams like Minnesota and Dallas clearly have some work to do.

Minnesota RØKKR currently sit dead last, having won just one of their seven round 11s, while surprisingly, Los Angeles Guerrillas have a 75% win record in round 11s despite sitting dead last in the overall standings.

While these statistics aren’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of a team’s Search and Destroy ability – take a look at Dallas’ 63% win record overall in Search for example – it’s definitely interesting to look at and see which team can really hold their nerve and pull out the must-win clutch rounds.

In the most intense cases, a round 11 victory could be the difference between a championship and a runner-up medal, and by the looks of it, no team will want to face New York Subliners in that scenario.

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS creates powerful FFAR Warzone loadout after Cold War nerfs

Published: 17/Jan/2021 14:29

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has got an interesting FFAR loadout for Call of Duty Warzone following the recent nerfs to the DMR and other weapons. 

The meta in Warzone is constantly evolving as Call of Duty fans try and get a leg up on their opposition in any way shape or form. 

Since the launch of Black Ops Cold War, it’s been all about the DMR, Diamatti’s, and MAC-10, but recent nerfs have got players searching for different choices. Some have gone back to the Modern Warfare weapons – the M4, AMAX, and Kilo-141, for example – while others have tried to find answers in Cold War.

The FFAR, which resembles the FAMAS from years past, has been the answer for some. It’s even got NICKMERCS trying it out and dropping a pretty nice loadout.

Black Ops Cold War FFAR 1
Activision / Treyarch
The FFAR has become of the best guns in Warzone.

The FaZe Clan member unveiled the loadout he’s been using in his January 16 video, noting that, even though its an assault rifle, it might make some of the SMGs obsolete. 

“However, I do think this FFAR could replace a lot of the SMGs,” Nick said. “I think the overall kit is a pretty good kit, and if you want to have some fun, this is a great class to do that.”

The accuracy does take a slight knock in Nick’s setup, however, the FFAR does get a nice little boost to both the range and mobility. It’s not exactly going to be a sniper or a KAR, but for what it is, it’s certainly nice and up there with some of the best weapons around right now. 

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 21.2” Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Ammo: Salvo 50 round fast mag
  • Stock: Raider Stock

The YouTuber does note, though, that it’s probably not going to be a class you see streamers running in tournaments. But, for a bit of fun and racking up kills, it’s certainly a nice change of pace. 

Plus, when the time comes and Raven rolls out a few more nerfs, everyone will be searching for the next best thing, and the FFAR should be up there. So, you may as well get used to it, if you’re not already.