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Summit1g can’t contain his rage after ridiculous 9 Bang death in Blackout

Published: 3/Nov/2018 17:22 Updated: 3/Nov/2018 18:34

by Calum Patterson


Summit1g felt the true power of 9 bangs in Blackout and he couldn’t hold back his anger, launching into a brutal tirade of the game.

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Summit has been playing Blackout almost daily since its release on October 12, and has generally seemed to enjoy Call of Duty’s first foray into the battle royale genre.

However, like many Blackout players, there is one item particularly that Summit is not a fan of (and no, it’s not the molotov).

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The 9 Bang grenade, an extremely powerful concussion/flashbang which blinds, slows and disorients players for up to 6 seconds, has a been a point of contention in the community since the Blackout beta.


Thankfully, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has said that changes are in the works for 9 Bangs, hinting at “less redundancy and less punishing to your mobility.”

As of right now though, 9 Bangs are still absolutely deadly, to the point where being hit by one is essentially game over. But, Summit wasn’t just angry about the effects of the 9 Bang, but from how far he was hit by it.

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After dying and watching the kill cam, which actually showed another enemy killed him, not the one who through the 9 Bang, Summit1g still couldn’t regain his composure.


“It’s mind boggling dude. He fucking 9 banged me from so far, at the bottom of the fucking hill, and took two SDM shots with no armor. Like, dude, please!”

Since Summit’s main complaint seemed to be how far the 9 Bang was thrown from, it doesn’t look like that will be changed in future updates, at least judging by Vonderhaar’s hints.

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And Summit1g himself knows a thing or two about throwing grenades far, as this recent clip demonstrates.