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Strange CoD bug makes Warzone’s Loadout Drops wild and deadly

Published: 31/Mar/2020 2:02

by Alan Bernal


A bizarre glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone resulted in a Loadout Drop becoming animated and moving around on its own – later killing a fellow teammate.

After purchasing a Loadout Drop in a Warzone match, Reddit user ‘SuperSonik319’ was testing out what would happen if they dropped a Munitions Box right under it.

The player joked they “tried to combine a Munitions Box and a Loadout Drop for full loadout,” but they probably weren’t expecting the ordinance to turn on them so quickly.

Infinity Ward
If players aren’t careful, crates can actually be a killer obstacle in Call of Duty.

What resulted from the experiment proved to be an untameable care package that seemed to be stuck in a repeating animation, letting it move around in one direction.


“This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object,” another user joked.

The opened Munitions Box can be seen tucked under the corner of the Loadout Drop during the clip, as the two objects obviously couldn’t coexist by occupying the same area on the Warzone map.

Tried to combine a Munitions Box and a Loadout Drop for Full Loadout from CODWarzone

Though the deadly part of the clip came a bit later when the nigh-sentient crate met even bigger immovable objects in the form of a nearby cement blockade and metal container.

That’s when the glitched Loadout Drop really got weird and started to climb the obstacle until it was derailed from its trajectory.


Unfortunately for the curious player watching the madness, the crate managed to climb over the person who called it in and sent them to the Gulag.

SuperSonik319 via Reddit
The crate came alive and the player recording was too amused to avoid their demise.

While the bug might not be as common, it’s definitely one of the more comical glitches players have come across in Warzone.

SuperSonik319 isn’t the first one to run into a deadly bug in Modern Warfare or Warzone involving crates. Previously there were instances where players simply touching Care Packages would instantly die.

In that instance, the player was trying to dart to their newly summoned equipment, but they were mysteriously killed after sliding up to it.


While this Warzone glitch seems pretty conclusive on how the player died, other people should keep in mind that CoD’s crates can claim lives in a multitude of ways.