Some retailers are letting people pick up Black Ops 4 before the Midnight release

Some UK retailers are allowing people who pre-ordered Black Ops 4 to pick up the game before the midnight release on October 12th.

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Both Smyth’s Toys and GAME are allowing customers to pick up the game at 6 PM on Thursday, October 11th.

This is unusual, as fans of the game who want a physical copy typically have to wait until the midnight release, and then brave the crowds to get the game.

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While the game still won’t be able to be played until Midnight, picking up a copy early will allow players to jump immediately onto the game instead of waiting at a store.

The goal of this policy seems to be making game distribution easier on retailers.

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Especially for smaller retailers, keeping the shop open to weird hours could prove difficult, and this policy will allow for them to still sell the game on release date without bending over backward to do so.

It is not clear whether or not this will be a universal policy adopted by other retailers in different countries but for now, the only two stores known are both located in the UK.

We will continue updating our readers if more stores adopt this policy. 

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