SiLLY Frustrated With Evil Geniuses Teammates After They Miss Out on CWL Pro League Playoffs

As Evil Geniuses lost their game five against Team Envy in their final match of Stage Two at the CWL Pro League, their spot in the playoffs was wasted for the second time this season.

Justin “SiLLY” Fargo, who joined the EG roster following the first time they missed out on playoffs back at Stage One, took to Twitter almost immediately after the match to vent frustration with his teammate(s).

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Evil Geniuses got off to a flying start following the roster change, recruiting SiLLY and Adam “Assault” Garcia in place of Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler and Ian “Enable” Wyatt, they took 2nd at CWL Seattle.

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But their good run of form was relatively short lived as they bombed out of CWL Anaheim on day two, finishing top 16.

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But the team still had a 5-2 record in Division A of the Pro League as they returned to complete their matches, and surely couldn’t throw away their playoff spot this time around.

But thanks to losses to Echo Fox, Red Reserve, FaZe Clan, Team Kaliber and finally Team Envy, somehow FaZe managed to snag the final playoff spot on the last day.

And during EG’s final match, it was clear for all fans to see that something wasn’t right amongst the side, as they were extremely wasteful in Search and Destroy and generally seemed demotivated.

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SiLLY’s comments referred to the team’s coach Embry “Bevils” Bevil, who is known as a stellar SnD player but of course the team’s SnD was by far their worst mode.

Fans quickly began to speculate which player or players on EG SiLLY was referring to, while some were critical of SiLLY’s decision to voice his anger publicly with the World Championship still upcoming.

And SiLLY didn’t leave it at that, as he also took to Reddit to make some of his feelings clear.

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Surprisingly, SiLLY also hinted that his team may not have played at their full potential because of the following match where Team Kaliber (already qualified) faced FaZe Clan.

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SiLLY seems to suggest that Team Kaliber would not have been trying as hard in that final match where they didn’t need a win and the other team, FaZe did.