Shroud pulls off 1v2 clutch to solo win Blackout Code Red tournament match

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek pulled off an incredible 1v2 clutch to secure victory for his team after a crazy solo run in Dr DisRespect’s Code Red tournament.

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Shroud was teaming up with former teammate Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham in the $20,000 tournament, when the duo were drawn against the Xcalizorz and SandyRavage in a losers bracket match-up, with the losing pair heading out of the tournament.

Grzesiek and shroud had been eliminated in Game 1 of the series without getting any kills, and to make matters worse, Latham was taken early on in Game 2, leaving the Canadian on his own to try and secure the win for his squad.

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With the game on the line, Grzesiek managed to dominate his way around the map, picking up 18 kills on his way to the final circle. With two opponents remaining, and Xcalizorz and SandyRavage still on the map, both teams needed the final kills to claim the win.

Shroud was anxiously searching for the final two enemies, knowing that this opponents were doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately, the remaining team found him first, dealing major damage to the streamer and leaving him with just 8 health points.

Aware that Xcalizorz and SandyRavage would now move towards the gunfire, shroud had to quickly heal up, then eliminated one with pinpoint accuracy from his KN-57, before quickly switching to his Saug 9mm to wipe out the onrushing second, and secure the win for his team.

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“Let’s go baby,” celebrated shroud, while Skadoodle laughed. “What a run baby!”

The pair were able to continue their impressive showing all the way through to the Losers Bracket Final, where shroud and Skadoodle finally fell to eventual finalists DrDisRespect and DougIsRaw.

Unfortunately for The Doc, he couldn’t pull off the victory in the tournament he was hosting, as TSM Viss and Halifax beat them in the final.