Shroud explains why he won’t play Call of Duty with Dr Disrespect

Twitch: shroud / drdisrespect

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek had some choice words when one of his fans in his chat asked him if he would play Call of Duty with Dr Disrespect.

Shroud and Dr Disrespect are two of the top streamers on Twitch, so their friendship often has both fan bases eager to see them stream together, as the duos mix of personalities and skills always makes for an entertaining time.

When they aren’t playing together, naturally they have a bit of a rivalry between them and during a stream on September 11, shroud took a shot at the Two-Time when explaining why he won’t play Blackout with him.

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Shroud won’t play Blackout with Dr Disrespect

As shroud was getting ready to start his stream, he was talking to his chat about various topics, when someone from his audience asked him if he would play COD with Dr Disrespect anytime soon.

“COD with Doc? He’s playing on console dude. You think I’m a f*ckin pleb?” he said, quickly shooting down the idea of playing with the Two-Time, while also roasting him for how he plays.

This isn’t the first time that the former CSGO pro has taken a shot at Doc. During his September 10 WoW Classic stream, he was asked by someone in chat if he could see Dr Disrespect ever playing the MMORPG.

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“He would play this character, use all that information and knowledge that he had and he would just shit on some noobs and then never play again,” he said, ribbing the Two-Time, who himself has previously made fun of those playing the popular online game.

Doc’s COD experience

While there is no denying the Two-Time exudes incredible power and dominant skills, he found himself being bested by some razor-wire while playing Black Ops 4 on September 4, which sent the Twitch star into a rage.

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“What the f*ck is this stupid f*cking game!? Huh!? What is this?” Dr Disrespect screamed, after his attempt to use his grapple gun and zip over the wire completely blew up in his face, sending him to a humiliating death.

The insults are always in good fun though as the two Twitch stars are both friends in real life, and taking shots at the other has become sort of a sport for them.

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As of the time of this article, both shroud and Dr Disrespect are in the top 10 most subbed channels on the streaming platform.

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