Shroud explains why CoD: Warzone solos are actually better than trios

Jacob Hale
Instagram: shroud / Activision

Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has, like many other streamers, been on a Call of Duty: Warzone binge since its March 10 release, but has explained why he prefers the new solo mode over its standard trios mode.

Pretty much every big name across a range of titles has been playing the newest major entry to the battle royale genre, including multiple tournaments taking place to pit a variety of pro players and content creators against each other.

While people have been enjoying playing in squads with their friends, shroud has revealed that contrary to popular opinion, he actually much prefers the solo mode, and explained what makes it so much better.

The solo mode was added to Warzone just a few days after release.

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After playing a match with girlfriend Hannah ‘Bnans’ Kennedy, he told her that solos “feel really, really good.” Shroud said: “Solos are actually so good in this game, it feels way, way better than trios,” with Bnans sounding a little surprised by this revelation.

The former CS:GO professional continued: “I think it’s how the game should be played… You’re not ever overwhelmed. If there’s ever a situation where people are ‘camping,’ it doesn’t matter because it’s just one. One isn’t that much of a threat. Three? Okay, that’s why you lose in a camping situation.”

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He went on to reiterate that solos feel “really, really good,” but also added that Activision obviously doesn’t want to promote the idea of not playing with your friends, suggesting he understands why modes with more players are necessary.

This is in stark contrast to what fellow streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar thinks, who described the experience as “very campy, very sweaty,” adding that it “kind of sucks.”

Obviously the solo mode in Warzone is dividing opinion amongst all types of players, so maybe Activision will look to introduce duo and squad game modes in the future.