Shroud explains how “balanced” cross-play could be “perfect” in Modern Warfare

Connor Bennett
L: Infinity Ward. R: Shroud/Twitch.

Top Call of Duty.

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For a few years, fans of multiplayer titles have been clamoring for cross-platform so they can take on friends on different consoles or test their skills against the might of PC players.

To make that happen, however, developers have to be willing to make it a reality. Games like Fortnite Battle Royale and Rocket League have made it a possibility – with others joining the cause.

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Twitch: shroud
Shroud isn’t overly concerned about taking on console players in Modern Warfare.

The next confirmed cross-play title will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and while some console fans are worried about getting wrecked by keyboard and mouse players, shroud isn’t too worried either way. 

During his July 26 stream, the former CS:GO pro had been discussing battle royale titles with his viewers when one brought up the topic of cross-platform play. 

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    Yet, during that descent into his match, he also explained why the cross-play between PC and console would work, despite the apparent skill gap in controller vs keyboard and mouse. “As long as the console is balanced well, the controller, it’s perfect – it’s perfect,” he stated. 

    “The way it works is, bad players on console and bad players on PC – the bad players on console win. In the middle, it’s pretty even and at the top tier, it’s just ever so slightly PC is a little bit better.”

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    Shroud continued on: “It’s still balanced really well. They’ve just got to make sure the actual controller aim assist is done correctly because if you do it too much, then the controller wins. You do it too little and then PC wins, so you’ve got to get it right and there definitely is a way.” 

    Of course, it’s still unconfirmed as to whether or not Modern Warfare will have a battle royale portion of the game, but the multiplayer will be cross-platform regardless.