Shroud mind-blown by CoD pros Scump and Priestahh in Modern Warfare

Twitch: Shroud / MLG

Former CS:GO pro Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek was stunned by the skill on show from CoD pros Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Preston ‘Priestahh’ Griener, as he faced off against them at the Modern Warfare Pro-Am.

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Shroud is now best known as a streamer, but his time as a pro player has served him well, with many fans considering him one of the best aimers in any FPS – earning him the nickname of ‘human-aimbot’.

But, even with his human-aimbot intact, Grzesiek found that he was no match for former OpTic and 100 Thieves stars Call of Duty players of all time (3rd on our overall list), with a whopping 27 tournament wins to his name, and while Priestahh is still relatively new to the pro level, he’s already secured three championships himself, first with FaZe and later 100T.

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When up against Scump at the Pro-Am, shroud recognized immediately why the 2017 World Champion was such a problem on the sticks, exclaiming after their first engagement: “Dude Scump is slaying!” (1:46).

After Scump dropped a 52 kill game, the teams moved on to SnD inspired ‘Cyber Attack’, and the OpTic star wiped out the streamer and half his team at the start of the round, he could only accept his fate: “Yep, that’s a CoD pro right there!” (5:09).

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Watching Scump tear it up all event long, shroud stated: “Dude, Scump is so good, it’s crazy how good he is. I don’t understand, how does he do it?” (8:43).

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The teams later moved on to playing the 2v2 Gunfight mode, and although he was initially relieved not to have to face Scump, the 25-year-old and his duo D’Angelo Russell had to play Priestahh, who made light work of them.

“We’re not playing Scump yet, but we’re playing another Call of Duty professional, Priestahh, and he’s going to lay us out,” the Canadian explained (11:58). And he wasn’t wrong, as the young phenom quickly tore them apart, clutching multiple 1v2’s and cruising to a 6-1 victory, with 12 kills.

MLGPriestahh made quick work of shroud and D’Angelo Russell.
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The Twitch superstar will be back on Call of Duty this upcoming weekend, starting September 20, to try his hand at the full multiplayer beta on PC.

With cross-platform enabled for the first time though, he may not be able to avoid running into more CoD pros on console ready to ruin his day.

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Modern Warfare will be the first game played in the new Call of Duty franchised league, starting in 2020, and both Scump and Priestahh will be all but guaranteed starting positions on top teams.

The game returns to the modern setting for the first time since 2011’s MW3 (although a remastered version of the original entry in the series was released in 2017), and so far community reception has been positive from the beta version of the game.

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There is also speculation that a battle royale mode could be released post-launch, which would certainly pique the interest of someone like shroud, who has favored the BR genre for his streams.

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