Shroud calls Modern Warfare “best CoD ever” but has two major concerns

Call of duty / Shroud

Popular Twitch star, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained his two primary concerns about Modern Warfare, but has still labeled it the “Best Call of Duty ever.”

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The much-anticipated release of Call of Duty’s upcoming title saw many of the top streamers on Twitch trying their hand at the Modern Warfare beta.

Among those testing the game early was former CS:GO pro, shroud, who previously got the chance to experience Modern Warfare during the official multiplayer reveal.

TWITCH:SHROUDShroud has some concerns about the upcoming Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare.
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Best CoD ever?

After playing multiple hours of the Modern Warfare beta, shroud claimed that it was one of the best Call of Duty titles, naming his highlight video “Best CoD Ever.”

Shroud demonstrated just how good he can be at any game he tries and pulled off some incredible plays in the stream highlights video showing off why he’s known for his mechanical skill in FPS titles.

Although shroud clearly enjoyed the early look at the upcoming CoD’s multiplayer game modes, he revealed that he had some concerns about the current state of the game and highlighted some issues that would need to be addressed before the game launches on October 25.

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Shroud’s 2 Modern Warfare complaints

Shroud highlighted his two main concerns were screen shaking and audio. He explained that footsteps could often be difficult to hear with the amount of background noise, although he later praised the game for how smooth it ran, despite these issues.

“I wish there was less screen shake, I won’t talk about the beta bugs because I’m sure they’ll get fixed.” the streamer explained, detailing some of his concerns, “Screen shake and noise, there’s so much noise everything is so loud footsteps are nearly impossible to hear. The game feels good though.”

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Over the course of the Modern Warfare beta, developers Infinity Ward have already made quick changes to the game following player’s feedback and concerns, such as the minimap change, so it is likely that some of shroud’s concerns will be addressed before release.

The cross-platform open beta is set to finish up on September 22 and fans of the new Call of Duty will have to wait as it won’t be available until the official release on October 25.