Search and Destroy Now Live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta

A playlist update has been issued for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta, making the previously locked Search and Destroy game mode available.

In addition, Double XP has been turned on for every game mode. (Update: It is Double XP for weapons only.)

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The Black Ops 4 beta version of Search will be played on the maps Seaside, Contraband, Frequency, Payload and Gridlock.

Search and Destroy is a classic Call of Duty mode that does not have respawns, making it play a little different than the rest of the game’s modes.

Search in Black Ops 4 is returning with few changes, though there will only be five players per team instead of six for public matches. Competitive Call of Duty always uses 4v4 for Search and Destroy but the team size for Black Ops 4 comp is to be determined.

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Double XP may seem like an odd addition to a game that is in a limited time beta, however leveling up will have an impact on the Black Ops 4 launch.

Players who hit the level cap of the Black Ops 4 beta will be rewarded with a permanent unlock token when the full game launches in October.

Permanent unlock tokens are typically only earned after Prestige in Call of Duty games, to make resetting your rank less harsh.Players who hit the level cap during te beta will be able to unlock any high level item right from the start.

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The Black Ops 4 beta now has a total of five modes in four playlists. S&D, Chaos TDM and the new Control are available on their own, while Domination and Hardpoint are together in a Capture Moshpit.