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Scump reveals surprising pick for his favorite CoD game of all time

Published: 17/Mar/2020 16:34

by Jacob Hale


Chicago Huntsmen’s star Call of Duty player Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has revealed his top three favorite Call of Duty titles ever – with a surprising pick at number one.

Scump has been playing and competing in CoD for around a decade now, having played at the top level for almost his entire career. He’s played every CoD for hours on end, so you would imagine he has a pretty thorough understanding of each – and some opinions on them, too.

So when he revealed his three favorite CoD games of all time, viewers were a little shocked to see which game he put at number one.


Instagram: scumpabner
Scump is one of the most well-known names in Call of Duty.

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After being asked by a viewer in his Twitch stream which games were his favorite, Scump said two which are pretty commonly found at the top, Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2. For many, the third is up for debate, but Scump added Modern Warfare 3 to his list, too.

What surprised fans, though, was that he added he had said his list in order – with Modern Warfare 3 ahead of both.

Typically, most would put Black Ops 2 at the top, with some having Modern Warfare 2 there instead, but naming MW3 as your favorite CoD game of all time is almost uncharted territory.


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Of course, his Twitch chat started to question the decision, especially when he revealed this was in order, with viewers calling the game “overrated” or simply saying “mw3 kekw,” though Scump didn’t seem to realize that he had said anything particularly controversial.

Modern Warfare 3 was a big year for Scump, though, having joined OpTic Gaming and notched up multiple wins, forming the foundation for what would be years of dominance from the GreenWall, so there may be a lot of sentimental value in MW3.

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Competitively, it was an odd year, as neither developers nor MLG made a proper professional circuit for the game. This meant that the majority of events were hosted by smaller tournament organizers, and often in Europe, but this didn’t stop the dominance of OpTic Gaming.


There is an opinion that Modern Warfare 3 was underrated by many, perhaps overshadowed by the nostalgia of the previous games, and weighed down by expectations that came with the ‘Modern Warfare’ name.