Scump makes a bold claim about the old OpTic CoD lineup

OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner was part of arguably the most dominant roster in the history of Call of Duty – and claims that it will never be done again.

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After recruiting Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow to the OpTic roster in mid 2015, the OpTic roster went on to win 13 championships together, plus 4 runner up finishes, completing the run with a win at the 2017 World Championship.

The roster fell apart midway through the WWII season in 2018, leading to the departure of Matt ‘FormaL’ Piper to Luminosity, and Karma stepped off the roster, staying with the organization.

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Their run from 2015-2017 is only rivalled by the legendary coL/EG dynasty, but many argue that OpTic’s was more impressive given the level of competition in the two periods.

But, Scump believes that the level of competition has now elevated so much that such dominance will never be repeated again. In a preview for the upcoming episode of OpTic H3CZ’ Eavesdrop podcast, Scump said:

“That’s the highest it’s ever going to go. That will never be done again, in my opinion, in Call of Duty. That run will never be done again. There’s so much competition now, and it’s spread so thin across so many different teams.”

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He goes on to explain that when OpTic were on their run, they were far and away the best players, but others have now caught up. 

“There are so many good players now, and everyone’s at the highest level,” he says, “when we were on our run, we were those guys, but now, ‘those guys’, there’s like two of them on every team.”

He refers to the WWII season, where even the best team over the season, Rise Nation, placed top 16 at champs. But, Scump does think Black Ops 4 could be different, saying that WWII “didn’t have that much of a skill gap”.

We will find out if OpTic can start another run at the first event of the 2019 CWL season, on December 7-9, with their new five man roster.