Call of Duty

Scump reveals devastating Black Ops 4 scorestreak is now GA’d ahead of CWL Fort Worth

by Calum Patterson


The list of items on the competitive Call of Duty 'gentleman's agreement' (GA) just keeps getting longer, with the powerful 'gunship' scorestreak apparently the latest addition to the unofficial restrictions in Black Ops 4.


OpTic Gaming's Seth 'Scump' Abner appeared to confirm that the gunship was no longer in play among professionals while making a cameo appearance on fellow OpTic member David 'Hitch' Edwards' livestream.

The pair were watching back a match between OpTic and Splyce at CWL Las Vegas, and although Scump is barely audible in the footage, what is being discussed is clear.


The gunship in Black Ops is extremely powerful - maybe too powerful?

Scump can be heard stating "We waited until three days out [from the event] to finally do it, when people have been saying for two weeks straight that we need to get rid of it [the gunship]. I've been saying it for two weeks."

Hitch responds by asking "so now there's just lightning strike and just hellstorm? That's it?", to which Scump responds "yep."


The removal of the gunship from pro play might have something to do with OpTic Gaming's Damon 'Karma' Barlow's public complaint about how much damage it can sustain.

So for CWL Fort Worth, which starts on March 15, it sounds like we won't be seeing any insane streaks resulting in a gunship raining down from above, at least in the pro tournament.

With assists granting the same amount of points as kills in Black Ops 4, it is a lot easier for players to earn the higher scorestreaks, even at the pro level, and it seems that gunship has been ruled as too powerful and game changing to be permitted.