Rise Nation Forces A Second CWL Pro League Stage 2 Grand Finals Series With Nail-Biting Win Over Team Kaliber

Rise Nation has forced a second series in the CWL Pro League Stage 2 grand finals.

Rise entered the grand finals from the lower bracket, having been defeated by Team Kaliber themselves in the winner bracket final. Now, they’ve evened up the score by taking the first best-of-five of the grand final.

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The series opened with Rise and tK trading heavy blows. Rise struck first with a dominant 250-101 London Docks Hardpoint, repeating the result from their winner bracket match but increasing their margin of victory substantially.

Team Kaliber was quick to respond, however, with a crushing win of their own. Ardennes Forest hosted Search and Destroy, and tK cruised to a 6-2 victory to tie the series at 1-1.

It was Ardennes Forest once again for Capture the Flag, a map that Team Kaliber took comfortably when they met the first time. Here neither team could find an opening for the majority of the first half, but in the final minute Rise Nation put in back-to-back captures to take a 2-0 lead into the second half.

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That lead was extended to three almost immediately after the side switch, with Rise utilizing Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat’s streaks – the product of an immense performance in the first half – to add another flag to their count. Team Kaliber were never able to respond, and Rise ultimately ended the game at 4-0.

Rise and tK went a third time to Ardennes Forest for the second Hardpoint of the series. After two one-sided stomps, this time it delivered a game worthy of a grand final. Rise led for the majority of the game, but Team Kaliber stole the lead in the final minutes, and the map eventually came down to the clock as tK contested long enough to win 202-197.

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Valkyrie Search and Destroy ended the series on an equally intense note, a back-and-forth game that went all the way to a round eleven, where Rise came through to force a second series.

The teams will now play one last best-of-five, with the winner taking home the trophy.

Rise Nation  Team Kaliber

HP London Docks 250-101

SND Ardennes Forest 2-6

CTF Ardennes Forest 4-0

HP Ardennes Forest 197-202

SND Valkyrie 6-5