Rise Nation Defeats Red Reserve Again To Reach CWL Pro League Stage 2 Grand Finals

Joe O'Brien

Rise Nation will appear in a third consecutive grand final after defeating Red Reserve in the lower bracket final of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

In a rematch of their winner bracket round one match, Rise Nation was able to replicate their 3-1 victory, eliminating Red Reserve from the tournament.

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Map one was a repeat of their round one opener, Valkyrie Hardpoint, which Rise Nation took the first time around. This time Red Reserve came out stronger, putting up a lead in the mid-game, but Rise Nation were able to pull things back for an incredibly intense ending to the map.

Big plays from Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington heading into the final Hardpoint gave Red Reserve control in the final seconds, and they were able to fend off a last push from Rise to claim the win 250-237.

Red looked primed to carry their momentum into Valkyrie Search and Destroy, taking the first three rounds, but after Rise Nation got on the board they were relentless, winning six straight to secure a 6-3 win and tie up the series.

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Map three, Ardennes Forest Capture the Flag, was another replay from the first series between these two teams, and again the final outcome was reversed, with Rise Nation claiming victory where previously they’d been defeated.

The first round ended with an intense stand-off, both teams having pulled the enemy flag. Rise Nation were able to find the return as the half came to an end, but the time ran out with their carrier mere meters from the capture, ending the half at 0-0.

In the second half, however, Rise picked up the pace, putting in two quick captures to take the lead. Red Reserve were never able to respond, and Rise put in another for a convincing win thanks to a dominant second half.

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London Docks played host to the second Hardpoint of the series, and Rise Nation was able to carry their momentum through, with Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat dropping more than 40 kills to help Rise build a lead that Red couldn’t catch up to.

With a 250-184 win, Rise closed out the series 3-1, claiming another victory against Red Reserve. Rise has been wholly responsible for Red’s elimination in both of the last two events, defeating them in the winner bracket and grand final of CWL Anaheim and now beating them in both winner and lower bracket here.

 Rise will now advance to the grand finals, where they will seek to take revenge for their own winner bracket loss against Team Kaliber.

Rise Nation 3-1 Red Reserve

HP Valkyrie 237-250

SND Valkyrie 6-3

CTF Ardennes Forest 3-0

HP London Docks 250-184