Ridiculous Warzone bug might completely ruin your next Gulag duel


A hilarious Gulag glitch could bring about an abrupt end to your next Gulag visit as players are being wiped out from their 1v1s almost instantly.

Warzone players are able to earn a second chance at life if they win their Gulag 1v1, though these duels aren’t always entirely balanced. Sometimes the loadout won’t favor your playstyle, or you’ll get distracted by rocks from a spectator.

However, a ridiculous new bug could lead to an immediate loss as players are being killed by opponents from the previous round of 1v1 action.

Players in the Gulag in Warzone.Activision
You might win your next Gulag fight without even seeing your opponent.

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While you wait for your fight to begin, you can spectate previous rounds of Gulag action. Regardless of what equipment is used, once you step foot in the map, everything from the previous duel will be reset. At least, that’s how things are supposed to work.

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A hilarious new glitch is bucking the trend and keeping certain items in play for multiple rounds. Without explanation, Reddit user ‘thegordiegohard’ was able to secure a kill from the afterlife thanks to a broken Proximity Mine.

Moments before losing their 1v1, the player threw out their lethal equipment as a last-ditch effort. While it couldn’t save them in that instance, the next player to spawn in the Gulag was treated to an explosive surprise.

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Upon loading in and rushing out of the spawn, the next Gulag participant was instantly wiped out by the explosive, ruining any dreams of making it back to Verdansk without help from teammates.

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There’s no doubt they were left scratching their head wondering how they’d been killed. Who knows just how baffling the killstreak would have looked as well.

Dying due to your own lack of skill is one thing, but a situation completely out of your control is sure to make anyone salty. “I would be livid if I were on the receiving end,” the original player joked. 

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There’s no telling exactly what caused the complication. Perhaps there was a spike in network connection, or maybe the location of the Proximity Mine itself is what bugged out.

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Without comment from Infinity Ward, there’s no telling if this issue will be fixed anytime soon. So be extra vigilant as you load into the Gulag, you never know what might take you out.