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Ridiculous Black Ops 4 glitch costs player crucial 1v1 in Search and Destroy

Published: 22/Nov/2018 15:15 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 15:34

by Calum Patterson


A bizarre glitch cost a player the round and the game in an SnD match, after a hole magically opened up and swallowed them on Firing Range.

Floor glitches are common in many games, where a spot of the ground textures hasn’t been properly implemented allowing players to get under the map.

These issues are often ironed out early, either in testing or shortly after release, but this one has apparently gone unnoticed in Black Ops 4 over a month after launch.

Popular streamer and former Splyce player Ted ‘TeddyRecKs’ Kim was on the opposing team, up 5-1 in the first to six, competitive SnD match.


Finding himself in the 1v1, and with a comfortable round lead, TeddyRecKs wanted to toy with his opponent, ‘Intrinsticc’ by going for a melee kill.

But, before he could make a move, the round suddenly ended, with the kill feed showing that Intrinsticc had somehow fallen off the map – a seemingly impossible feat on a ground level map like Firing Range.

Thankfully, Intrinsticc solved the mystery for everyone by uploading his point of view to Twitter for all to see.

As he turns, presumably to head in the direction of the A bomb site, his character his swallowed up by the ground beneath him, and he helplessly falls to his death, losing the round and the match.


With some attention now brought to the bizarre bug, hopefully Treyarch will patch the issue quickly.

Firing Range SnD was taken out of the CWL ruleset in the V1 update, meaning we won’t see any of these shenanigans at a professional level, thankfully.