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Reddit user explains why this OpTic CoD team’s start is different from last year’s

Published: 14/Nov/2018 2:55 Updated: 14/Nov/2018 4:11

by Albert Petrosyan


OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty team has had an incredibly strong start to the Black Ops 4 season, but many in the competitive scene are being careful not to get too overconfident.

Despite the fact that OpTic have won the first two NA CoD World League 2K Series tournaments of the season, many are pushing the argument “well we know what happened last year.”

OpTic went into last season as the overwhelming favorites to win numerous trophies but ended up finishing the campaign without a major tournament victory and two mid-season roster changes.

However, Reddit user ‘FFrostur‘ is not buying into the theory that OpTic can fall apart like they did last year. To back up his argument, the Redditer has posted three reasons for why he believes this season’s OpTic team will not suffer the same fate.


The first point he makes is that last year’s roster did not practice much outside of playing together during these 2Ks, which ultimately led to their well-documented shortcomings at major events.

He contends that this year’s squad is different because it has been “grinding the hell out of the game, especially Scump. He’s probably grinded it more than any pro not named Dashy.”

coLNewcomer Dashy has brought with him the strong work ethic that turned him into a star in WWII.

The second point is that the team, and OpTic fans in general, went into the start of last season very overconfident that no team could match them, mainly because of the fact that so many other major teams were frantically making roster moves while the Green Wall stood pat.


This season, however, OpTic was fully in on RosterMania, recruiting standouts TJHaly and Dashy and bringing back fan-favorite Karma.

After winning Champs in 2017, OpTic came into WWII bound to have a strong season, which turned out to be anything but.

In his final point, the Redditer contends that last year’s team hated each other. While no one officially has said the words, it’s generally accepted that there were heavy disagreements and discord between the players, some of whom allegedly did not get along. 

This year’s squad seems to be gelling perfectly with each other, and their chemistry has been through the roof so far. 

The new OpTic roster has looked flawless thus far in their ability to both play and get along with each other.

OpTic’s fate this season remains to be seen, and wariness of overconfidence is a good mindset to have for the players and their fans heading into the first season.


With CWL Vegas just around the corner, the Green Wall will have a huge chance to prove that their online exploits have not been a fluke and that whatever was going on last season has been fully taken care of.