Red Reserve's Rated reveals new details about ongoing CWL roster drama

One of Call of Duty’s biggest organizations Red Reserve have been experiencing major issues of late, and now it seems like some players are picking up the pieces of the unfortunate fallout.

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After some of the Red Reserve players announced their decision to become free agents, numerous questions arose about the status of the org and their coveted Pro League spot.

It looks like players are going to start heading in different directions now as Rhys ‘Rated’ Price seems to have the core components for a new team already in the works.

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MLGRed Reserve had promising roster comprised of great talent who are possibly looking for new places to compete.

Completely new beginnings

Since news got out of the org’s status, some players had been really vocal about their intention to move one from each other.

During a Twitch Chat interaction, Rated confirmed that he already locked in four players to start a new team and was in hot pursuit of a fifth.

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“Have you got a 5 man team confirmed,” Twitch user ‘dateless_’ asked Rated.

“4 nearly 5,” Rated said in reply. “… I’m still with [Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington] but I guess that’s common knowledge at this point lmao.”

via ChoppyMTLooks like Red Reserves team members might stick together after moving on from the org.
via ChoppyMTRated’s reply giving new Red Reserves update following the recent fallout.

Possible Pro League trades and moves

Rated went on to say that he thinks Team Reciprocity will stay put in terms of making any changes from the collapse of Red Reserve.

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Though he did hint at a Pro League appearance for exciting young player Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter. At only 19, Alexx adds incredible value to squads looking to build a resilient team which could be right up Rated’s alley.

Red Reserves Pro League Spot

Any org would love a chance to compete in the CWL’s regular season and with Red Reserve seemingly dismantled, teams are sure have inquired about purchasing their way into the league.

Along with his update, Rated said that FaZe Clan have yet to finalize the acquisition of Red Reserve’s place in the Pro League. However, he thinks that FaZe will “probably” be buying the spot in the near future.

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Team in shambles

Though Red Reserve fielded an incredibly talented Black Ops 4 team, the organization came under fire recently after news broke that its management had failed to pay players and staff.

So far their Black Ops 4 roster have been reportedly gone unpaid since December 2018, eventually leading to some players seeking other options in search of new orgs.

In the midst of the Pro League season, the CoD team have been kicked out of the team house which is under Red Reserve CEO Patrik ‘Gordo’ Andersson’s name who notified the team he would no longer be paying for it.

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Red ReserveThe Black Ops 4 squad have been having a rough few weeks after being kicked out of the team house without getting paid since December.

While the Red Reserve saga seems to be coming to a close soon, there’s no telling what else might come up as players and teams look to recover from the turmoil.