Red Reserve Survives eUnited to Reach CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs Lower Bracket Final

Joe O'Brien

Red Reserve has eliminated eUnited from the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

In the first match of championship Sunday, Red Reserve were able to leverage Hardpoint superiority to emerge victorious and become one of just three teams remaining.

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Red Reserve hit the ground running on Sainte Marie du Mont Hardpoint, pushing a pace that eUnited couldn’t match. With a big performance from Rhys ‘Rated’ Price behind aggressive SMG play from the rest of the team, Red Reserve claimed a dominant 250-113 win to kick off the series in their favor.

Red Reserve seemed set to keep up the momentum with a fast opening round of London Docks Search and Destroy, but eUnited found their balance quickly this time. The North American squad responded with a dominant game of their own, comfortably claiming a 6-2 victory to tie up the series.

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On Flak Tower Capture the Flag it was eUnited who put in an incredibly quick first capture, but Red responded quickly with a flag of their own. The game ultimately came down to an intense overtime which Red Reserve clinched to reclaim a series lead.

Unfortunately for eUnited, that meant their tournament life was on the line in Hardpoint. Though the map changed to London Docks, the result was much the same as the first game, with Red putting up a massive lead that proved insurmountable, despite eUnited’s best efforts in the closing minutes.

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With a 3-1 victory, Red Reserve advances to the lower bracket final, where they await the loser of the winner bracket final between Rise Nation and Team Kaliber. eUnited is eliminated from the competition in fourth place.

Red Reserve 3-1 eUnited

HP Sainte Marie du Mont 250-113

SND London Docks 2-6

CTF Flak Tower 3-2 (OT)

HP London Docks 250-188