Rated Hints at EU and NA Players Joining Forces Next Season

Rhys ‘Rated’ Price dropped a potential bomb during his stream on July 23, implying more mixed region teams will happen for the Black Ops 4 season.

According to Rated, a rule change for next season will make it easier for players from different regions to team up.

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Rated brought up the potential change while answering a question from his chat on stream.

The rules are changing on that next year, so you’ll probably see a lot more mixed region teams next year.

He caught himself from spilling too much about the change, saying he is not allowed to speak on it yet.

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Mixed region teams are an exciting prospect in competitive Call of Duty, due to European and APAC regions struggling to match the talent depth of North America.

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The elite teams of Europe no longer have issues competing with the top of NA, as Rated’s Red Reserve has multiple Grand Final appearances this season, but they are still limited when it comes to options for making roster changes.

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Red Reserve will look to become the first European team to win the Call of Duty Championships when they compete on August 15-19 in Columbus, Ohio.

Rated was a member of the first EU squad to make a Grand Final at a Call of Duty World Championship, accomplishing the feat with Splyce during the Black Ops 3 season.

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If his prediction comes true, the Black Ops 4 Championship may have less regional bragging rights at stake.