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PUBG Mobile streamer banned from event after playing CoD Mobile

Published: 18/Oct/2019 5:39 Updated: 18/Oct/2019 6:11

by Brad Norton


PUBG Mobile streamer Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal had his invitation to the PUBG Mobile India Tour (PMIT) revoked after he broadcasted a Call of Duty Mobile gameplay session.

Known as a prolific mobile gaming content creator on YouTube, Thug has accumulated over 150,000 subscribers on the platform due to his entertaining and explosive gameplay, primarily in PUBG Mobile.

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile on September 30, the handheld gaming phenom took his skills to the latest FPS title and broadcasted it for the world to see. Unbeknownst to the streamer, this move would be met with some severe consequences.

In an October 17 tweet, Thug revealed that he had been uninvited from the Grand Finals of the upcoming PUBG Mobile event. 

“Lol @PUBGMOBILE_IN canceled my Invite to PMIT as a guest viewer, coz I stream @PlayCODMobile,” he explained, before jokingly asking if Call of Duty Mobile was on the lookout for Indian content creators.

Presumably threatened by the presence of the recently released Call of Duty Mobile, tournament organizers set out to punish the PUBG Mobile veteran in order to ensure that their title was at the forefront of the community. However, the inverse has since transpired.

Whether other mobile gamers will be treated just the same, remains to be seen, however being punished for venturing into different mobile titles is entirely unjust.

With the Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile India Tour taking place on October 20, the event is set to boast a rough prize pool of $210,000 and will even feature mobile competitors from Thug’s very own team, 8bit. 

8BitRampage finished as the top seed coming out of Group B in the Group Finals. With a total score of 122 and 38 kills to their name, the squad will be looking to carry their momentum forward into the upcoming Grand Finals.

PUBG Corporation - PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile is a popular port of the Battle Royale title with major handheld competitions hosted around the globe.

It remains unclear if the tournament organizers will relent under the public scrutiny and rescind their actions to allow for Thug’s attendance. As an owner with a vested interest in the outcome of the event however, you can bet that he will be keeping a close eye on the action regardless.

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HusKerrs becomes first Warzone player to break $100K in earnings

Published: 28/Oct/2020 21:32

by Theo Salaun


Popular streamer Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas has officially cracked $100,000 in earnings from Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments, extending his lead and continuing to set the pace for the battle royale’s best.

An NRG content creator, HusKerrs has catapulted into the mainstream Twitch community’s collective consciousness in 2020 thanks to effortless domination in Warzone. Playing on PC, the streamer exudes consistency at the highest level of play and gets tilted as rarely as he shoots shakily.

With a straight shot that refuses to waver, HusKerrs capped off the last week of Warzone tournaments with a first-place finish in Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown and a second-place at Twitch Rivals. The former tournament boasted a record-breaking $210,000 prize pool and the latter, a sturdy $100,000.

Following those tournaments, the star streamer has left the country for a vacation and taken to Twitter to update his checklist. First on that list, an esport milestone as the only player to hit $100,000 in Warzone earnings. And, second, a personal benchmark of hitting 100,000 Twitter followers.


Even if you disregarded every single Warzone tournament before his last two, HusKerrs would still be 15th-highest earner from the battle royale since its debut in March 2020.

That’s in major thanks to Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown, as the NRG man and his duo, AverageJoeWo, carved off the largest chunk of that historic prize pool.

Netting $15,000 from the Showdown’s Grand Finals ties the most money individually earned since the Minnesota ROKRR’s tournament in early October. Already ahead of Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, who sits at No. 2 in the earnings rankings with $64K, these recent performances extend the lead and earn HusKerrs a well-deserved vacation.

top 10 earning warzone players

From handling business in the competitive Apex Legends circuit for Rogue to being the center of Warzone business, HusKerr’s gaming career is on an upward trajectory. Now, it appears that an entirely new horizon is opening up for the 24-year-old royale maestro.

Starting on October 30, he will be hosting, casting, and analyzing the next giant Warzone tournament: HusKerrs’ Howl.

The $300,000 tournament will feature 32 players, including top competitors like Aydan and Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier, split into duos for a two-week, double-elimination format.