Pokelawls discovers best tactic to pick up easy kills in Warzone

pokelawls/Infinity Ward

Popular Twitch streamer Pokelawls discovered the easiest way to pick up early kills in Call of Duty: Warzone with a hilarious new tactic.

Since the release of Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode on March 10, players have been coming up with many different tactics to pull off a great game in Warzone.

However, Twitch streamer Pokelawls may have accidentally come up with one of the best strategies yet after dropping into a highly contested area against multiple enemy squads.

Infinity Ward
Streamer Pokelawls may have found the best tactic for early kills in Warzone.

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During the streamer’s March 12 broadcast of Warzone, Pokelawls decided to drop next to the Atlas Superstore, which often has great loot for players to gather in the early game. But, it’s also a busy spot on the map.

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After realizing that he was not the only player with the same idea, the popular content creator decided to jump straight into an SUV instead of racing for a weapon.

Unlike most battle royale players, who would usually turn tail and find somewhere else to loot, he decided to stick around and use his newly found vehicle as his weapon.

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Despite having some difficulty making it around the barriers surrounding the building, the streamer drove through the Atlas Superstore doors and started to collide with any opponent who crossed his path.

Pokelawls continued to drive around in the SUV, cleaning up many of the ongoing fights that were taking place at the store and eventually securing a hilarious triple kill to wipe out the remaining players.

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His teammates and fellow streamers aimbotcalvin and M0xy could not help but laugh after noticing that the kill feed was filling up with ridiculous multi-kills that Pokelawls had pulled off.

Although the tactic requires some luck and timing to be as successful as the streamer, Pokelawls demonstrated just how well it could work when landing at a highly contested location in Warzone.