Pay-to-win Warzone weapon blueprint gives MP5 big TTK boost

Modern Warfare character holding and shooting Mp5 SMGActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have uncovered a blueprint for the Modern Warfare MP5 that is a bit “pay to win” and there are some calls for Raven to make a change.

Since Warzone pretty much took over the gaming world, Raven Software haven’t been shy about filling the Call of Duty battle royale with a wide-range of cosmetics.

These purchasable options have ranged from weapon skins to vehicle wraps, in-game wrist watches, music bundles, and even graffiti sprays. While many of them are just for show, there are also weapon blueprints too.

The blueprints are typically designed to give a gun a unique look, but there have been cases where they, for whatever reason, manage to have a stats boost attached as well. And players have uncovered another couple for the Modern Warfare MP5.

MP5 Warzone blueprints are “pay to win”

While the MP5 may have slipped away from the top end of the meta, it is still a competitive pick in Warzone, and as stats site Sym.GG shows, that select blueprints make it even better.

The blueprints that they’ve managed to test are the Banisher and Ultimatum skins, which boost the MP5’s damage at close range. In the case of the Banisher blueprint, the MP5’s base damage increases from 45 to 49.

In turn, this helps the Banisher achieve a better TTK than the base version of the MP5. Now, it might not be on the level of some Vanguard SMGs, but it is certainly noticeable and helpful in-game.

Some players who own the blueprints are, naturally, pleased by this development seeing as they were advertised as providing a damage boost when available. Though, they may not have suspected this big a bump.

It remains to be seen if anything will happen to them and if a retrospective nerf is implemented by the Warzone devs.