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OpTic’s Hitch Pulls of a Well Executed Prank that Claimed He Was the Notorious CoDBurner

Published: 15/May/2018 14:39 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:53

by DG Goldstein


Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards of OpTic Gaming pulled off a well-executed prank which had some convinced that he was the individual behind the notorious ‘CoDBurner’ Reddit account.

Prior to roster lock for Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, competitive Call of Duty community members were on the edge of their seats in regards to potential leaks and ‘intel’ in regards to team changes and moves.

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Although information came from a variety of sources, nothing compared to the notorious ‘CoDBurner’ account on Reddit – a presumed anonymous professional player who continued to be correct in their claims regarding team changes.


The account correctly predicted the addition of Tyler ‘FeLonY’ Johnson to eUnited, along with starting frenzy after stating that the powerhouse OpTic Gaming roster was set to split after three years of dominance.

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Following the leaked information, community members tried their hardest attempting to figure out who was behind the anonymous account, with it still being truly unknown to this day.

With this in mind, Hitch, a member of OpTic Gaming, pulled off a perfectly-executed prank where he made a fake ‘CoDBurner2018mania’ Reddit account and “accidentally” revealed himself on-stream, leading to a hilarious reaction from his chat.


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Prior to the prank, Hitch recorded a full video to document the preparation for the reveal, including his immediate reaction following the stream which can be viewed below.

Hitch: Twitter | YouTube | Twitch