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OpTic’s form continues and KiLLa shocks 100 Thieves as second Black Ops 4 NA CWL 2K reaches quarter-final stage

Published: 12/Nov/2018 10:29 Updated: 12/Nov/2018 11:05

by Ross Deason


The second North American CWL 2K for Black Ops 4 has reached the quarter-final stage after a long day of matches and a number of surprising results on November 11.

OpTic Gaming’s dominance from the first of the online tournaments continued into week two with Seth ‘Scump’ Abner cruising through the early rounds and even destroying Luminosity Gaming 3-0 in the round of 16.

Meeting OpTic in the quarter-finals on day two will be Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon’s team who looked to be in fine form to get one step further than their top 16 finish last week.

Michael ‘Beehzy’ Said and the rest of Excelerate Gaming proved that their week one performance was far from a fluke by reaching the quarter-finals yet again. They will meet Nicholas ‘Proto’ Maldonado and company for a spot in the semis.

Scump was in fine form against Luminosity Gaming.

Despite facing one of the most difficult brackets of any team, eUnited showed that they are not a team to be messed with. Their run to the quarters included victories over Team Envy and G2 Esports.

Facing eUnited in their first match of November 12 will be Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss’ squad who upset 100 Thieves in the round of 16. 100 Thieves were playing with Ted ‘TeddyRecKs’ Kim as a substitute for Kenny Williams but will still be disappointed to not make day two.

KiLLa and co. were able to upset 100 Thieves to reach day two.

Michael ‘SpaceLy’ Schmale’s team continue to prove that they are some of the hottest free agents on the market after defeating FaZe Clan in the round of 16. Week one’s second place team proved their mental strength by fighting back from some daunting deficits.

SpaceLy and company will be playing Splyce in a rematch of last week’s quarter-final for a spot in the top four.

Matches will resume on Monday, November 12.

Team 1 Versus Team 2
OpTic Gaming Envoy’s team
Excelerate Gaming Proto’s team
eUnited  KiLLa’s team
Splyce SpaceLy’s team
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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 teaser all but confirms Rebirth Island map

Published: 5/Dec/2020 0:31

by Tanner Pierce


During the announcement that Black Ops Cold War Season 1 and it’s subsequent Warzone integration would be slightly delayed by six days, the developers released a teaser image that all but confirms that the new map will involve Rebirth Island.

Earlier today, the CoD community was taken aback by the fact that the first post-launch content season for Black Ops Cold War had been officially delayed by six days.

While the delay isn’t long by any stretch of the imagination, many fans have been eager for more content, including the integration with Warzone, which so far we didn’t have many official details on.

But during the news, Treyarch dropped a teaser image for the season which at first glance might not show off much but if you look closely pretty much confirms all of the leaks that have come out over the last month or so.

Rebirth Island was originally teased in the Season 1 roadmap for Black Ops Cold War.

At the top of the teaser image, which says that Season 1 is coming on December 16, fans can see that a few phrases in red blurred out in varying degrees. Upping the brightness of the image in Photoshop reveals a few cool, interesting details.

The first is a set of coordinates at the very top of the image. Inputting that latitude and longitude into Google Maps will take you to the real-life Vozrozhdeniya Island in Uzbekistan, otherwise known as Rebirth Island. Beyond that, the phrase “Rebirth Island” can actually be seen in the image as well.

While both of these can be seen normally in the base image, they are way easier to see after it’s been brightened.

Brighting the teaser image in Photoshop reveals coordinates for the real-life Rebirth Island.

This all but confirms the leaks that Rebirth Island will be coming to the game when the integration happens and given the fact that the developers have already confirmed a new map for the season, it’s almost certainly this one.

As with with any other rumor or speculation, take this with a grain of salt, however, fans will likely be getting their first look at Rebirth Island sometime within the next week or two so keep an eye out for that.

Until then, keep it locked to Dexerto for more about Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.