Call of Duty

OpTic's Crimsix hits incredible snipe in Black Ops 4 while wearing goggles

by Albert Petrosyan


OpTic Gaming's Ian 'Crimsix' Porter is known for accomplishing many things in his illustrious Call of Duty pro career, and now hitting a triple-collateral snipe while wearing snowboarding goggles can be added to that list. 


The 33x tournament champion decided we was feeling a bit chilly today so he pulled out a pair of snowboarding goggles and loaded into a public match on Black Ops 4.

Choosing a class with a sniper rifle and the Ruin Specialist, his plan was to start off the game with an insane trick-shot using the Grapple Gun.


His initial attempt failed, however, as we was able to get to the position he wanted but could not hit the shot and landed awkwardly in the middle of the map. 

However, he was able to recover spectacularly and managed to eliminate three enemy players with a single shot of his sniper rifle, ironically making a better play that what he had first intended.


It's hard not to laugh at this whole sequence of events, especially when Crimsix got very excited and started yelling "What the fuck?! What?! What the hell was that?!"

He tweeted it out with maybe the best and most appropriate caption for the clip, which read: "Shredding on and off the mountain."

The shot was so good that even popular CoD YouTuber and prominent sniper Pamaj gave it his blessing and called it "fucking clean" and "nasty."

Fans of Crimsix and OpTic Gaming will love to see the pro player enjoying himself while playing Call of Duty once again. 

The past two years have not been the greatest for Crim in terms of content creation, and the fact that he's streaming a lot more in Black Ops 4 is a huge positive.