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Call of Duty

OpTic’s Crimsix apparently kicked out of bar after bizarre altercation

Published: 23/Mar/2019 12:41 Updated: 23/Mar/2019 20:40

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty and a core member of OpTic Gaming’s roster, encountered the strange set of altercations during a night out.

He posted on social media to explain the incident to his following, after a bizarre event unfolded when he tried to use the bathroom in a local bar.

Turtle BeachCrimsix was a core member of OpTic Gaming’s dynasty run.
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Crimsix explained to his fans that he was “kicked out” after not tipping the restroom attendant working there, as he only briefly used the facilities to blow his nose, stating: “the bathroom guy […] didn’t do anything”

He then went on to explain how the bouncer quickly got involved after overhearing the situation by blocking the door closed, stopping Crimsix from leaving until he tipped the restroom attendant.


Crimsix stated that he refused to pay as he “didn’t even have any cash” at the time, and was later denied re-entry to the bar by the same bouncer, apparently shoving the pro player away and telling him “Goodnight.”

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Crimsix reflected on the situation, explaining what he should’ve done to avoid the incident entirely by getting the attendant to throw away his used tissue for him before tipping him a single dollar.

It is unclear which bar this took place in, but many fans and friends of Crimsix were mocking the bar for its ‘hospitality’ and how the situation unfolded for the Call of Duty pro player.


He later confirmed that he planned to return to the establishment to make a formal complaint.