New Warzone teaser & leaks hint at night mode coming soon
Call of Duty

New Warzone teaser & leaks hint at night mode coming soon

Published: 4/Sep/2020 12:43 Updated: 4/Sep/2020 12:49

by David Purcell


Call of Duty Warzone players will be delighted to know Infinity Ward are now teasing the arrival of a night mode for the battle royale game, appearing to confirm previously leaked information. 

The game is right up there with the most popular battle royale titles around, alongside Apex Legends and Fortnite, mostly due to the constant addition of new content from developers.

Every week there is something big happening, new weapons to play with, or Black Ops Cold War teasers to discover in-game.

Next up, a night time Warzone mode finally looks to be on the cards.

Warzone Games of Summer
Infinity Ward
The Warzone map could soon descend into darkness.

CoD Warzone night mode coming in Season 6?

The Nightfall game mode was previously leaked by ModernWarzone, on September 2. The account posted a series of shots sent in by a user, suggesting people take it all with a pinch of salt at first. They had also referenced the discovery of Nightfall solos, duos, and trios and quads being found in a data mine.


The images showed characters standing on the plane with green lights behind them, basically in total darkness. That could soon be their fate in Warzone, too, if it’s added.

Looking forward, the next major refresh for the game would be the launch of Season 6, so we may have to wait a little longer to see if this one comes to fruition. It looks set to launch between late September and early October.

Potential Warzone Nightfall teaser appears on Facebook

It didn’t take long for the dev team to respond with a teaser of their own, posted two days later on their official Call of Duty Facebook page. 


The post included a few pieces of Warzone artwork, including one very interesting piece set in the dark. These were put together by artists Giovanni Timpano, Roberto Recchioni, Giacomo Bevilacqua, and Riccardo Torti from Italy.

Since a night mode hasn’t been seen before, you can’t blame fans for getting ahead of themselves here.

Call of Duty nightfall teaser
Call of Duty / Facebook
This night time image might be our first teaser for Warzone Nightfall.

The post does not mention anything about a night mode coming soon. However, it could be the first domino to fall for this previously leaked mode.

Just like many CoD Warzone players, we will be keeping an eye out for more teasers and reporting them. Stick with us on Twitter @DexertoIntel for more leaks, Black Ops Cold War news, and more.