New version of snaking breaks MW3 multiplayer lobbies

Ryan Lemay
Prone operator in WarzoneActivision

MW3 players already thought snaking was terrible enough, but now PC players have uncovered an even scarier version.

Snaking dominates Call of Duty League community conversations, but not for the right reason. The movement mechanic refers to players positioning themselves behind an object on a map and quickly switching between prone and crouching positions. Snaking makes it hard for players to shoot at players behind cover, and pro players commonly took advantage of the mechanic in MW2.

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A large segment of the CDL community argued that snaking ruins the viewing experience watching pros constantly bob and weave behind cover every round, instead of taking on gunfights. Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games confirmed the studio is “actively investigating” what can be done about snaking.

However, a worse version of snaking just reared its ugly head in Modern Warfare 3, and videos of the glitch are spreading like wildfire.

Snaking 2.0 takes over MW3

On November 20, COD content creator Repullze showed a clip of the new glitch dubbed “Snaking 2.0.”

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As shown during Warzone pro HusKerrs’ stream, there is a way for operators to slide across the map like a snake. It’s unclear how players are able to pull off the feat, but it reportedly only works for players using keyboard and mouse.

Community members couldn’t believe their eyes in the comment section.

Several community members claimed that this glitch first appeared in Black Ops 1. One player responded: “I remember seeing this first time in Black Ops 1, good times.”

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A second user joked: “I gotta see someone do this with the look at Randy Orton slithering sound.”

And a third player claimed: “This will get patched very quickly.”

As of writing, Sledgehammer Games has not responded to the bug. In the meantime, console users have the option to turn off MW3 crossplay if they want to avoid mouse and keyboard players.

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