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New Information About Black Ops 4’s Specialist Stories Has Leaked

Published: 24/Aug/2018 22:09

by Vincent Genova


New story details regarding Specialists have leaked and they may show how Treyarch plans to tell a narrative in Black Ops 4 without a campaign.

Nothing is confirmed regarding these leaks, which may turn out to be completely false.

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YouTube channel Wew Lads posted a new video breaking the information on the Specialist stories.

While it is still unconfirmed, the Wew Lads correctly predicted WW2’s DLC 4.

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Reddit user MossadKilledXXX also shared the information on the Black Ops 4 subreddit.

Warning, potential Black Ops 4 story spoilers are listed below.

Specialist Stories Mode

  • The following are small parts of larger missions, these are what we will see but there’s much more to each specialist’s mission.
  • Ruin’s mission is a grapple range to move around – although this was to be expected anyways. His mission is set up against him, he defies authority. The mission features “Battery”. He also has an over-arcing love interest partner story with a new character.
  • Firebreak’s cutscene is the same as what he described in his BO3 transmission – trying to kill his father.
  • Recon’s mission, which is run by Battery, turns out to be a setup by the Specialist Organisation. In this mission, Recon has to make a hard choice – something along the lines of killing a child. He makes this sacrifice and is recruited by the Organisation.
  • Crash’s mission is about him owing someone money and coming up with a solution to that debt.
  • Seraph’s cutscene showcases the events she spoke about in her BO3 transmission, labelled 7.1 Elevation, where she shared how she gained her cybernetic arm and annihilator from Goh Xiulan by cutting her arm off.
  • The specialists are brought together by a woman who seems to be a typical occult character.

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In addition to the Specialist Stories mode, Wew Lads also posted info regarding Blackout.


The Blackout info claims that the map will have doors that can be opened and closed, as well as AI zombies on portions of the map made up of Zombie areas. The original video from Wew Lads is posted below.