New Days of Summer Event in Call of Duty: WWII – Toy Soldiers, Dog-Fighting Mode, Sandbox Map and More

A new community event has gone live in CoD: WWII with the latest update, called ‘Days of Summer’, adding some major new features – including an aerial dog-fighting mode.

Despite the hype train for Black Ops 4 already well on its way, Sledgehammer are still piling in new content and updates to WWII, keeping the game fresh throughout its cycle.

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The new sandbox map will be available for PS4 players first – for free – and you won’t be playing with your normal characters.

In this map, you get miniaturized, plasticized, and turned into a tiny toy soldier before being plopped down into a beachside sandbox. That’s where you’ll navigate the massive sandcastles and beach toys and do battle in an environment totally unlike anything else in Call of Duty: WWII.

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Those who played the CoD: WWII campaign will also remember there was a dog fighting mission, where you had control of a fighter plane and battled out in the skies.

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For the first time, this will be making an appearance as a multiplayer mode in CoD: WWII:

“A lot of people in the studio and in the community were really excited about that mode, and it became a pet project for us. We started to think… ‘What if we could fly over the mountains?’ So we did that, and then it became ‘What if we could fly into the mountains!?’ and we did that too.”

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You can even earn scorestreaks in this mode, with the Flak Gun streak taking out enemy fighters.

Players can battle in the sweltering skies above the Egyptian Pyramids, or swoop in and around the clouds of the Crimean Mountains. There are now environmental obstacles for the player to navigate with their warbird, as well as huge zeppelins and white puffy clouds dominating the skyline. Players can use the obstacles to shake off bogeys and stay alive long enough to earn a Flak Gun Scorestreak.

The Days of Summer event has gone live on July 31, as part of the latest update – you can find the full patch notes here.

The community even lasts for the entire month, ending on August 28 – so plenty of time to dig in once the Black Ops 4 beta is over with too.

Source: PlayStation Blog