New “Chaos Team Deathmatch” Mode and Playlist to Feature in CoD: Black Ops 4 Private Beta

A brand new playlist is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and will feature in the game’s Private Beta this weekend.

Called “Chaos Team Deathmatch,” the new playlist will feature the elements of some classic modes, but with a few contrasting aspects to how the regular version of the mode will be played in BO4.   

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Here is the official description of Chaos TDM playlists as written in the recently published blog post by Treyarch.

According to the post, the playlist will feature both TDM and Kill Confirmed modes.

A playlist that takes our ever-popular non-objective based game modes and adds a twist. The format here is 6 vs. 6, and allows two of each Specialist per team for chaotic fun. Includes Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed*.

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There are two main differences between the modes in the Chaos TDM playlist and their regular counterparts.

The format will feature 6v6 as opposed to the 5v5 that all other regular modes will utilize, and two of each Specialist will be allowed per team rather than just the usual limit of one.

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The Chaos TDM playlist will be one of four modes that will be available in the Private Beta, joining the brand new Control, Capture Moshpit, and Search and Destroy.

The Private Beta will be available on just the PS4 from August 3-5, but will also be live August 10-12 for both the PS4 and Xbox One.