Nade Thinks Scump Should Retire and Start Making Content Again “I’d give him a bag [of money] to join 100 Thieves”

Mike Kent

The competitive Call of Duty community was treated to an evening of wisdom by former champion Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag on Wednesday, August 1.

The former OpTic Gaming captain retired in April 2015 after a poor performance at CoD Champs 2015 on Advanced Warfare, but has maintained relationships within the scene and has appeared at a number of events in a spectator capacity.

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The 100 Thieves owner and popular content creator returned to play Call of Duty WWII on a special stream with former CoD pro Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler, and got into a discussion about a former teammate, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

On the back of a poor performance on OpTic Gaming at the CWL Pro League Stage Two playoffs, the question about whether the Call of Duty legend should retire has been floated on a number of occasions.

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Scump himself has even discussed the topic at CWL Anaheim, telling Dexerto that he thinks about retiring every day. Could a poor performance at CoD Champs 2018 be the end of the road?

Former teammate Nadeshot has expressed his thoughts on the situation during that stream with NAMELESS.

“To be honest with you, if I was Scump, I’d retire. Scump. I would almost make the argument, which I know people are going to tell me that I’m dead wrong, but, people don’t really understand the numbers of it all. I bet there are more people that recognize Scump because of his public match gameplay on YouTube than they do as him as a competitive player.”

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“Scump is so good at pubs, all of his videos bang dude. Scump, all he’s got to do is sit there for like an hour, get a banging ass gameplay playing TDM or pub stomping in Dom, and 300,000 people are watching it.

Scump could stress so much less and sign with an organization that would pay him to be a streamer or YouTuber, and he could play SnD tournaments and do whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to worry about anybody talking shit, saying nothing.”

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Nadeshot continued on that train of thought and suggested that he would pay big money in order to acquire Scump’s services as a content creator.

“Scump could get a bag dude, I’d give Scump a bag to join 100 Thieves. Kick-off that road to 100-0. I’m just saying, Scump could do so much more and he wouldn’t have to worry about. I mean he’s done everything dude. Won champs, X-Games, MLG’s.”