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Modern Warfare’s UI could use more advanced weapon stats

Published: 19/Sep/2019 20:44 Updated: 20/Sep/2019 1:47

by Alan Bernal


The Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta has been showing off the game’s extensive arsenal to players, but a more drawn out weapons profile would be a godsend for customizing loadouts.

Modern Warfare’s Crossplay Beta has been delivering an intense experience even in its early phases, and players are already showing off what some of the guns are capable of as they unlock better attachments throughout their matches.

Even though the Gunsmith gives players crucial stats for weapons like accuracy, damage, range and the like, one user had an amazing idea of how to expand the weapon stats to give people a better idea of what they’re taking into combat.

Infinity WardWhile there’s tons of ways to customize a gun in Modern Warfare, there could be better stats to show players what’s changing.

In a Reddit post, user ‘areyoudizzzy’ showed off an incredible design for advanced weapon stats that players would be able to see while sifting through Modern Warfare’s insane attachment offerings.

Their design gives a much better rundown for everything from reload time, sprint-out time, rounds to kill, a graph to show the effects an attachment can have for recoil, and so much more.

As it stands, Gunsmith shows the different Pros and Cons an attachment will have for a weapon, as well as a green or red status bar to indicate how a given option will affect the guns’ base stats. But the user’s concept would be a monumental improvement over the simple bars that some players feel aren’t very indicative of a gun’s stats.

“The bars have historically always been wrong,” areyoudizzzy said in reply to someone pointing out the bars are basically worthless. “So they may as well show us the actual stats, especially with the number of attachments in this game!”

Here’s advanced weapon stats V2 with some of your suggestions included. Who wants this? from r/modernwarfare

It goes without saying that implementing this sort of stat overview would be some work for Infinity Ward to pull off correctly. But it would be an invaluable tool for players looking for the best weapon configurations that suit their needs.

The user’s design even addressed concerns that the in-depth view would be off-putting for the more casual members of the community.

“Casuals will still have their bars without overwhelming themselves and experienced players will have the option for in-depth details,” one user said. “If the casual really gets into the game, the stats are there for them to learn, otherwise they could continue without using them.”

With Modern Warfare still in beta, putting some form of advanced stat tracking like this into the game would be a great addition before its October 25 release.

Call of Duty

Full list of 21 Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks reportedly leaked

Published: 28/Oct/2020 23:27 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 23:28

by Brad Norton


Black Ops Cold War is still a few weeks away from launch, though an early leak appears to have confirmed all 21 Scorestreaks that will be available from day one.

Killstreaks and Scorestreaks have been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise for many years now. Black Ops Cold War is sticking to the formula with a few unique changes, though there might be more streaks to unlock than ever before. 

Treyarch’s next release is set to drop on November 13 though major leaks are already starting to slip through the cracks. We got our first look at a list of Scorestreaks through the game’s early access Alpha and Beta tests. However, that was barely scratching the surface if the new intel holds true.

Black Ops Cold War is set to boast 21 unique streaks at launch. All of which can be earned across multiple lives so long as you’re adding to your total score by tallying kills and completing objectives. While we can’t include the leaked image as to avoid DMCAs, here’s a rundown on each and every streak.

Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks
The early access Alpha gave us a look at just a few Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks.

First up, the cheapest streak in the game appears to be the Incendiary Bow. Just like the War Machine available in the Beta, this will be an equippable weapon to deal extraordinary damage. Next up are a few familiar inclusions on the cheaper side of things. The RC-XD, Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, and Care Package are all to be expected. Though one new streak stands out.

At 700 points, players will seemingly be able to equip some armor just like in Warzone. The icon displays a bulletproof vest, so additional health could be on the menu in the core multiplayer experience

The Flamethrower is another fresh addition that we haven’t seen yet, while the Death Machine is reportedly also making a return. As we scale up to the more expensive streaks, a Hand Cannon is available for 2250 points. There’s no telling just how this one might work, though it could provide a One In The Chamber style buff.

At the very end of the list is the expected AI and pilotable Scorestreaks. You’ve got the Attack Helicopter and Chopper Gunner alongside a VTOL Escort and the Gunship to round things out. You’ll need to go on an absolute tear to unlock the final streak, however, as it’s placed at 10,000 points.

Below is a complete list of all Scorestreaks coming to Black Ops Cold War.

All 21 Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War

  • Incendiary Bow – 500
  • RC-XD – 600
  • Armor – 700
  • Spy Plane – 800
  • Counter Spy Plane – 900
  • Flamethrower – 1,000
  • Care Package – 1,250
  • Sentry Turret – 1,400
  • Death Machine – 1,500
  • Cruise Missile – 1,750
  • Artillery – 2,000
  • Hand Cannon –  2,250
  • Napalm Strike – 2,500
  • Air Patrol – 3,000
  • War Machine – 3,250
  • Strafe Run – 3,500
  • Attack Helicopter – 4,000
  • H.A.R.P. – 5,000
  • Chopper Gunner – 6,000
  • VTOL Escort – 8,000
  • Gunship – 10,000
Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Outside of AI-controlled air support, there will be a few pilotable streaks as usual in Black Ops Cold War.

Obviously, it’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt for now. There’s a good chance this information comes from an earlier build of the game. Some Streaks may have been removed or significantly changed already. 

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the coming days, however. If early copies of the game are already out in the wild, more leaks will likely be on the way.